Women’s Network

Board Champion: Billiekai Boughton

Women’s Network Leaders: Kelsey Mackay, Noel Donahue, RanDee McLain, Meg Storer, Billiekai Boughton

The Purpose of the SDVC Women’s Network:

  1. Raise awareness regarding the needs of San Diego’s women veterans
  2. Improve the coordination of service providers to specifically address female veteran topics
  3. To create a network of support for women veterans in our county


  1. Buttress our preexisting network with the structural support of SDVC
  2. Create networking and support opportunities for women veterans
  3. Bring together service providers to identify specific challenges and develop actionable solutions

Who can join SDVC Women’s Network?

  1. Women Veterans
  2. Service providers that support women veterans

To get involved or for questions please contact either Billiekai Boughton- billiekai@gmail.com, or Kelsey Mackay- kmackay@211sandiego.org.