About SDVC

The San Diego Veterans Coalition was organized in 2009, and now has a membership of over 150. The concept is based on leveraging relationships with other Veteran Service organizations, so that we may provide Veterans with complete services. Many of the organizations that belong to SDVC specialize in one field (education, housing, employment, healthcare). Knowing what services each other provides, we can offer comprehensive support to our local Veteran community. We are proud to work alongside a wide variety of non-profit and for-profit organizations, as well as governmental agencies and civic minded individuals.

Purpose: The purpose of the San Diego Veterans Coalition (SDVC) is to serve the needs of San Diego regional Veterans, their families and significant others. We intend to improve collaboration and coordination among community service providers in all sectors (non-profit, county, state, federal, informal councils, Veteran groups) so that delivery of services is more comprehensive and Veteran Family-centric.

Vision: The vision of the SDVC is to honor the nation’s commitment to veterans, their families and significant others by leading collaboration among all potential partners, making the San Diego region a national model for comprehensive, integrated system of community services.

Mission: The SDVC is a catalyst that inspires collaboration and cooperation among service partners to deliver premier support for Veterans in the San Diego region.

At SDVC we have found that collaboration is the key to addressing the San Diego regional Veterans, their families and significant others. We have four Action Group:

  1. Physical and Emotional Health Action Group (PEH)
  2. Family Life Action Group (FLAG)
  3. Veterans: Empowered, Successful, and Thriving Action Group (VEST)
  4. Employment & Financial Action Group (EFA)

Through these Action Groups we are identifying gaps and creating measurable outcomes to resolve them. These groups are made up of our members and together we are working to strengthen our community.