PEH Action Group


The Physical & Emotional Health (PEH) Action Group serves as a conduit of information & as a catalyst for activity in all SDVC endeavors related to physical and emotional health of our veteran population in the San Diego County area.  Our efforts will identify resources to maximize delivery of timely, effective, and value added services directly to the veteran and their support network.  Our goal is to promote good health and well being.

Active PEH Members

KPBS GI Film Festival
Casa Palmera
Patriots Hockey
Helping Paws
San Diego Gulls
Poway Ice
Arts for Vets

Group Updates

Tenets of Physical and Emotional Health: 

  • Encouragement and Community Involvement and Non-Isolation
  • Mental Health Fitness that promotes harmonious personal and professional relationships
  • Reaching out and promoting intervention to prevent suicide
  • Encouragement of veteran community to attain optimal physical Fitness
  • Coordination with medical personnel to encourage regular medical check ups.
  • Empowering Communities through Arts and Crafts
  • Empowering Communities through Animal Support and Companion Therapies

Measurements consist of two or more partners among PEH or SDVC working in collaboration to improve service delivery and connections of veterans and their families to earned benefits. Each month we list activities to accomplish that and data collection helps verify the work done.  The credit of the work of the partners who touch veteran and families one by one and is their success in improving the lives of their clients. PEH only succeeds as collaboration increases and improves service delivery. More detailed data will follow later this year. All Star Vets, Patriots Hockey, Helping Paws Animal Therapy, PTG, VA Transportation Network, the pending Blood Drive with ARC, Wave Academy,WWP, Anaheim Ducks hockey training,Connected Warrior Yoga program,C2C, VA Research on TBI, PTS, and the upcoming PSOS event at CSUSM are but a few of the connections that have helped support PEH Tenets and Goals and SDVC work.  We convene PEH members to help them have more success with their clients as do the AGs of SDVC.

View the May 2022 Meeting Minutes Here.