VEST Action Group

VEST Action Group


The Veterans – Empowered, Successful and Thriving (VEST) Action Group serves as the conduit of information and be a catalyst for SDVC activities and endeavors related to personal development of the Veteran and Military community and their families in San Diego County, including academic pursuits, access to legal services, and volunteer opportunities.

Board Champion
Kevin Thomas
Destiny Gomez-Polson

Group Updates

VEST AG Goals and Monthly Meeting Content

The primary goal of VEST is to leverage community legal, academic, and volunteer resources to empower Veterans to thrive. VEST fills the void of the other Action Groups that are powered by SDVC. VEST AG works hand in hand with Vets’ Community Connections (VCC) in resourcing and sharing volunteer opportunities in the San Diego community, as well as bridging the gap between service connected members with local needs.

VEST AG’s mission is to successfully improve access to resources for Veterans and their dependents through the effective use of technology on the enhanced SDVC website via pre-planning meetings and forums that were voted on by you; the people.

VEST AG gears it’s initiative to the community by linking together education providers, Veteran Service Organizations, and students to intertwine the providers and the seekers.

Facilitating the SDVC-VEST Volunteer Corps alongside VCC, empowers its’ community members to connect to available volunteer opportunities that reach or benefit the Veteran and Military community and their families in San Diego County.

Please join us for our next meeting. VEST AG meetings take place the 2nd Friday of every month at 1pm PST (either remotely or in-person). Our topics are brought up with the ultimate goal of helping and assisting Veterans in their movement towards the best success that they can ascertain with the catalyst that SDVC offers.

Are you interested in being a part of the solution? Interested in mentoring or volunteering? Let us know!