VEST Action Group


The Veterans – Empowered, Successful and Thriving (VEST) Action Group will serve as the conduit of information and be a catalyst for SDVC activities and endeavors related to personal development of the Veteran and Military community and their families in San Diego County, including academic pursuits, access to legal services, and volunteer opportunities.

William Felty
Claudine Casillas
Jennifer Jordan

Group Updates

Goals and Outcome Measurements
The primary goal of VEST is to leverage community legal, academic, and volunteer resources to empower Veterans to thrive. Specifically, this involves:

Improving access to the legal system for Veterans through effective use of technology on the enhanced SDVC website. Success will be measured by legal service providers gaining new client contact through the use of this online marketplace.
Facilitating SDVC-VEST Student Veteran Mentorship that seeks to connect Student Veterans to the community by linking together education providers, Veteran Service Organizations, and students to facilitate the full use of earned benefits and realization of maximum career potential. Mentors and Allies seek to connect with Student Veterans around their personal, professional, and academic goals/interests. Progress will be measured by the increase of Veteran attendance in higher education institutions and employment positions gained through our collaborative efforts.
Facilitating the SDVC-VEST Volunteer Corps that seeks to connect community members to volunteer opportunities that reach or benefit the Veteran and Military community and their families in San Diego County. Growth in this area will be measured through the number of volunteers successfully matched with organizations and the amount of volunteer hours contributed to Veterans, Service Members, and their families in need.

Please join us for our next meeting. We will be discussing our upcoming “Housing and Home for Vets” Forums, SDVC-VEST Student Veteran Mentorship, and the SDVC-VEST Volunteer Corps activities. Light lunch will be provided. We hope to see you all there! Interested in being a part of the homeless Vet solution? Interested in mentoring? Interested in volunteering? Let us know! William.Felty@sdvetscoalition.org