Wil Smith

Wil SmithWilford (Wil) Smith Jr. brings over two decades of military expertise, showcasing his high-level skills in various capacities. As the Community Liaison for Courage to Call, he actively supports veterans and their communities, contributing significantly to the organization’s mission. Wil takes pride in his membership in the Most Worshipful John G. Jones Grand Lodge of California, where he upholds the organization’s values.

In his commitment to meaningful causes, Wil serves as a Board member for Ranger Wilson Sound Off 5K. Beyond his board responsibilities, he holds advisory roles, acting as Co-Chair for the Central Region Leadership Team and a Council Member for Communities of Excellence in the North Center and East regions.

Wilford Smith Jr. is not just a seasoned professional; he embodies leadership, community engagement, and teamwork. A source of motivation for those around him, Wil is dedicated to making a positive impact in both his professional and community roles.