SDVC Collaboration

Collaboration is the Key to Success

The purpose of this page is to help organizations get started and continue collaborating with other organizations in order to maximize our chance of success in helping our common customers – Military families and their caregivers (both active and retired).

Helpful Resources for Collaboration

These are templates that others have found useful when working with another organization. Although most instances won’t require an M.O.U. (memorandum of understanding), it is a good idea to list things our clearly and make sure everything has “ownership” assigned to it.

  • Sample Form A
  • Another Form
  • Something else interesting to look at
  • A link to a website
  • Something else I can’t think of

Collaboration Success Stories

You can search this list to see if there are similar situations to yours. Also, be sure to add you own Success Stories by submitting them here.


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