Report: Pathways and Intersections in Military Lifestyle

Report: Pathways and Intersections in Military Lifestyle

San Diego County is home to the largest population of active duty military and third largest veteran community in the country. In its latest report, SDVC and its partners examine key elements of the services and support network around these communities.

This report was compiled thanks to the help from SDVC’s partners, including members of the San Diego Military Collaborative (SDMFC), and some key findings include:

Key findings include:

  • Life Moments and Factors that are associated across the lifecycle do not exist in silos. They are all interwoven and create a ripple effect throughout the lives of active duty service members/veterans and their spouses/partners, dependents, and families.
  • Life Moments and Factors are perceived and experienced from multiple perspectives. Although all members of military and veteran families experience the Life Moments, there are differences in how they perceive the experience and the supports that are available to them. For example, there are more service providers who support service members and veterans, compared to spouses/partners and dependents.
  • Gaps create opportunities for the community to collaborate. Many of the gaps are complex and require the collaboration of multiple service providers to ensure needs are met at each Life Moment, across the lifecycle, and for all members of the military and veteran connected community. Examples of specific gaps in the military and veteran connected community lifecycle include:
    • Entry point into military life/culture for spouses/partners and dependents
    • Divorced and unmarried partners
    • Dependent children as they transition into civilian life
    • Reservists and National Guard and their families

For more information please read the full report.