March 2023 VEST Minutes

March 2023 VEST Minutes

VEST Meeting Minutes: March 10, 2023, via Zoom link

Meeting called to order at 1pm by Action Group Champion, Kevin Thomas.


Kevin Thomas
Destiny Polson
Michelle Muniz
Leslie Schneider
Traci Cole
Nathan Sutton
Farimi Tabrizi

VEST Forum Planning

  • Date of event will be April 20th at 5:30pm
  • Venue secured by Ray Flores at Mission Realty in Santee is acceptable to the group
  • No headshots at the event for attendees as time is limited and we have not identified a volunteer photographer with the proper equipment
  • Chris Lord cannot attend; Traci Cole will replace him as Keynote Speaker
  • Nathan Sutton will provide food for the event


    • Leslie Schneider to create invitation and registration link; reach out to SDVC media contact about landing page and virtual program to include panelist bios
    • Key takeaways for attendees:
      • Learn about available resources to find employment
      • Engage with leaders in the military community and experts familiar with how to navigate these resources
      • Build your network
      • Learn what resources have been beneficial and successful to those who have actually used them

Draft Program

5:30PM                    Official start time and Welcome: Kevin Thomas

5:45PM                    Keynote Speaker: Traci Cole

“5 Things that Everyone Wants” Presentation

        1. Love what you do
        2.  Make enough money
        3.  Love who you work with
        4.  Reasonable hours
        5. Live where you work

6:00PM                    Panelists:

  1. CONFIRMED: Nathan Sutton – Banyan: Different things you can do to prepare to be employed
  2. CONFIRMED: Joe Bertocchini – USD: Educational programs and benefits
  3. TENTATIVE: Maurice Wilson – SDVC/Reboot: KEVIN TO FOLLOW UP
  4. TENTATIVE: Jason Buck – Salesforce: KEVIN TO FOLLOW UP
  5. TENTATIVE: Former military member who found employment using these resources

6:15PM                    Audience Q&A

6:30PM                    Networking

Next meeting scheduled for April 14th at 1pm via Zoom.

Meeting adjourned at 2pm