VEST minutes 1.13.23

VEST minutes 1.13.23

What forums will look like in 2023?


In person / hybrid – table talk with subject matter expert

Who we serve:  We serve our stakeholders – providers and those who serve Veterans.

Merge Finding a job and Navigating VA programs, benefits, and services.

How to identify jobs and income, selecting your industry, how to navigate the VA benefits and programs.  Navigating the VA benefits to help you navigate the job prospects.

Art of possibilities – how to talk about transferrable skills to take them to the career they want to do

Potential Series of Events – with various speakers

  • Identifying what you want not just what you need
  • Selecting the industry –
  • Series 1 or 2 part focus on job and VA benefits
  • Navigating VA benefits in the process of that

Hard skills that cross over – matching industry.

Paneling of where people want to work – target fields.  Know what service providers are present to help marketing event.