VEST Meeting Minutes: May 12, 2023

VEST Action Group

VEST Meeting Minutes: May 12, 2023

VEST Meeting Minutes: May 12, 2023, via Zoom link

Meeting called to order at 1:05pm by Action Group Champion, Destiny Gomez-

Destiny Polson
Michelle Muniz
Leslie Schneider
Farimi Tabrizi
Ashley Camac

  • VEST Charter
    • With the departure of Kevin Thomas, it’s time to identify or redefine
      VEST’s charter and actively move it forward with support from the
      SDVC Board
    • Discussion on Vic Martin’s suggestion to change VEST’s mission to focus
      on veterans in transition and change the name to Transition Action
      Group (TAG)
    • General consensus is that Maurice Wilson has a firm hold on transition
      support with Reboot and TIP
    • Discussion on VEST focus on measuring the reach and impact of each
      action group and identifying gaps; gather, deliver and share metrics to
      the wider group to encourage action and accountability
    • Discussion surrounding VEST’s use of this information to create
      opportunities for referrals, enhanced cooperation and collaboration
      between member organizations
    • Possible name for this action group: PULSE Action Group
    • Potential year end Town Hall with member organization and veterans –
      every organization to bring at least one client to encourage exposure
      to all of the resources available through SDVC
  • Presentation to the Board
    • Champions to meet separately on 5/19/23 to summarize thoughts on
      redefining the mission of this action group and prepare to present to
      the Board prior to the next SDVC monthly meeting

Next meeting scheduled for June 9th at 1pm via Zoom.
Meeting adjourned at 2:03pm