SDVC PEH August Meeting Recap

SDVC PEH August Meeting Recap

Thank you to all those who attended the San Diego Veterans Coaltion’s (SDVC) Physical & Emotional Health (PEH) August Meeting last Friday.  We had 26 attendees who heard a great presentation about the Wounded Warrior Tennis Project by co-Founder and Director, Steve Kappes.  Steve was nice enough to share his slide deck: San Diego Wounded Warrior Tennis Program – SDVC PEH Aug 18, 2023 – FInal 

SDVC’S MONTHLY MEETING will be on Friday, September 8th (Not September 1st), at the County of San Diego Operations Center, The Chambers Room 5520 Overland Ave. in San Diego. The next PEH meeting will be on September 15th at 10:00 AM via Zoom

WHAT TYPES OF SUPPORT ARE AVAILABLE FOR CAREGIVERS?  Maxim Health Services shared; “Unfortunately this year we have seen 3 Ventilator Dependent ALS Veteran patients pass away. These are individuals that we have helped for many years and in some instances 10+ yrs. We do become very close with the significant others involved with these patients since there is so much care coordination happening.  My office is looking for some resources that we could maybe share to the spouses/caretakers of these veterans (ex. Support groups, financial resources, benefit information). We would just like to know that we are doing something for them even if they don’t use or need the resources.”  Reply here: A collection of resources will be provided to all. 

SAN DIEGO VA NEEDS VOLUNTEER DRIVERS to drive golf carts, vans and shuttles.  For more information, contact Gayle Galyean-Grey (858) 642-3124 /

PLEASE COMPLETE THE QUESTIONNAIRE BELOW to help PEH understand how best to support you and your team to feel comfortable asking the question, “Are thinking of killing yourself”.


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